Hello Ya Beautiful Human!

Emily Netti here. I am a marketer by trade, designer by accident, and passionate about adding value to businesses. I am Enneagram 3 and an ENFJ. I am self growth junkie with a desire to constantly be improving and growing in every area of my life.

I married my high school sweetheart, and together we threw caution to the wind and chase after big dreams. Actually, in reality, we have been planning and working nights/weekends to make this dream come true. We are dreamers. We are doers. And we are here to create some beauty in this world.

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My Story

My secret sauce to running a successful business? Care about people!

In the midst of teachers, medical professionals, and engineers, I thought about life a little differently. I have been an entrepreneur from day one. I was mowing lawns for the older neighbor and saved every single penny to buy a camera. I was photographing and absorbing every kind of information I could get my hands on. I fell in love with capturing genuine moments. I loved photographing emotion.

Photography paid my bills in college, supported two broke young married college kids, and allowed us to have a life we dreamed of. This has been so much more than a job. It’s been a lifestyle and a gift I get to live out every day.

I’ve realized through the experience of running a business that my life and work are most fulfilling when personally connect with my clients. I allow people to join my story, because they are welcoming me into theirs. Getting to know you is the best part of my business.

I care about serving you on one of the most special days of your life. My secret sauce to running a successful business? Care about people! It’s that simple. So, let’s keep getting to know each other. Continue learning more about my business by checking out the investment section. If you're coffee is still warm and you aren't sure yet - keep viewing our work.

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My Core Values

Customer Care

I wear extra bobby pins in my hair just in case you need them, I am more than happy to go find the missing relative for pictures, and 9/10 I will joyfully be holding your dress as you walk. I love my clients and I believe you deserve the best care on your wedding day.

Amazing Quality

My heart behind every image is that you love them as much as I do. My gear is regularly cleaned and ready to go for every session. I want you to have keepsakes that last for generations to come.


I want everyone from a session to walk away feeling like they had fun! And for the gents, I love when I hear "this was way better than I thought it was going to be". That is my goal every session.